Applicious: The Creeps


The Creeps is a tower defense game for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Tower defense games involve placing a line of defense to protect your home base. The genre gained some popularity after Plants vs. Zombies took off. In fact, that’s when I fell in love.

In The Creeps, your job is to protect your little kid from monsters getting under the bed. Place toy laser guns, bottles of glue, boomerangs, flashlights and piggy banks to help you in your quest. As you destroy your enemies, you can collect money and use it to buy more weapons or upgrade the ones you already have.

The game is cute and there is no blood involved, although it does have toy weapons.. Because there isn’t a lot of fast clicking going on, it’s a game that is accessible to people who don’t prefer action games. And, while the basic levels are fun, the holiday pack is super cute. Fend off leprechauns, a fire-breathing Easter Bunny and a seemingly never-ending parade of fireworks. Those levels have special weapons including a pot of gold and Cupid’s bow & arrow.

The Creeps has three difficulty levels and some unlockable awards. It works with Game Center, but that’s not required. My whole family loves this one,

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