New Sam’s Club App Makes Shopping Easy

While some people enjoy the “excitement” of heading to the mall for holiday shopping, there are those of us who like a more laid-back approach. I, for one, do almost all of my shopping online. It allows me to compare prices, access items I wouldn’t otherwise find, and save on gas. When Sam’s Club invited me to check out their new app, I was intrigued. And it turns out to be a cool way to find deals on pretty much everything.

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For those who aren’t familiar, Sam’s Club is a membership shopping store. The app, which looks gorgeous on my iPad, but is also available for iPhone and Android devices, looks a bit like you’ve pulled into a virtual Sam’s Club parking lot. The store is bursting full of things to see and do from daily deals to¬† events to recipes. You can manage your membership, or sign up for a new one.

The most intriguing part about the app for me is the “Click ‘n’ Pull” area. You can do your shopping via the app and when you arrive at the store, your order will be waiting for you. If you’ve got little kids, problems walking, or just a busy schedule, this is pretty amazing. I was able to find plenty of goodies for, say, hosting a holiday party. Some fresh items aren’t available for the service, but you can shop for everything else via the app and then spend a bit of time picking out produce, things from the bakery, etc. Plus, you don’t have to lug a big order around the store.

The app is also nice for gift giving. You can easily browse through all of the current deals and order your gifts to be delivered to your home or held for pick-up in the store. If you are someone who likes a hands-on shopping experience, you can use the app to make sure the products you want are in stock, or browse other local Sam’s Clubs to see if they have a better selection. As a bonus, you can take a look at the “Events” page to see if there is anything cool going on before you head out. They even list the food samples, so you can plan ahead for snacking.

A lot of companies put out an app because it’s the thing to do, but they end up lacking the functionality that consumers really want on their mobile devices. I’m honestly impressed with this one which is both good looking and functional. There was never a moment while I was using it where I thought, “Why doesn’t it do X?” That’s pretty unusual for me! Kudos to Sam’s Club for such a great app. If you’re a member, you should definitely download it. And, if you’re not a member, you can still shop with the app. You’ll just pay a small premium.

Disclosure: I was compensated to spend time learning about the Sam’s Club app and to try it out. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are my own. Image courtesy of Sam’s Club.

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