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ZeroChroma iPad and Tablet Cases

When I bumped into ZeroChroma at CES, I didn’t think much about it. I see a lot of tablet cases with flash and sizzle and theirs were pretty unassuming. Nonetheless, I stopped to chat, and I’m very glad I did. ZeroChroma brings performance to the forefront with cases that adapt and swivel, allowing your iPad,… [more]

PadPivot from RocketFish

PadPivot is one of those devices you may not know that you need until you try it out. This lightweight and portable device holds your favorite tablet, phone, or eReader for hands-free viewing on a table or (less hands-free) perching on your thigh. It has a sticky pad that will stick to your device and… [more]

iPad 2 Keyboard Capsule Review

I love my iPad. It’s easy to travel with, it keeps my kids entertained, and my husband can watch movies on it. But when I’m away from my laptop, I miss having a keyboard. The touch screen is fine for using apps, writing quick messages, and playing games, but when I need to write a… [more]

New Sam’s Club App Makes Shopping Easy

New Sam’s Club App Makes Shopping Easy

While some people enjoy the “excitement” of heading to the mall for holiday shopping, there are those of us who like a more laid-back approach. I, for one, do almost all of my shopping online. It allows me to compare prices, access items I wouldn’t otherwise find, and save on gas. When Sam’s Club invited… [more]

Disney AppMATes Bring Added Dimension to iPad Apps

Imagine taking your favorite iPad app and being able to interact with it using a real-world object. Disney Consumer Products and Spin Master had a vision to take app play to the next level and have succeeded with the launch of AppMATes. [more]

Ruckus Media Labor Day Sale

Wading through the Apple App Store trying to find quality apps for your kids is like looking for buried treasure in the jungle. Sometimes you have to keep digging and digging. That’s why I had to give a head’s up about Ruckus Media’s Labor Day sale. All of their great apps for kids are just… [more]