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Motorola Power Pack Micro Review

Are you ever getting ready to run out of the house and you can’t find your phone? Or, maybe more likely, you’ve got your phone, but can’t find your keys? Motorola aims to solve that problem, as well as the angst of low battery life, with the Power Pack Micro. This little device is a… [more]

Droid Turbo–Super-Spy Hands-Free Controls

Droid Turbo–Super-Spy Hands-Free Controls

Me: “How now, brown cow? What’s my schedule this week?” Droid Turbo (spoken): “Here are the events you requested. First up, you have a calendar event tomorrow at 4:10pm. The title is ‘Kids’ Dentist Appointments’.” [The phone’s screen displays my entire calendar for the week.] [more]

TiVo Streaming Comes to Android

As a TiVo fan and an Android user, it has been an ongoing source of sadness that two of my besties couldn’t play well together. Well, all that has changed! The newest (bigger, better) TiVo Android app now allows you to stream your content to Android devices with a non-Intel chipset and running Android 4.1… [more]

When Android Isn’t Just Android

So you know that I’m a member of the Verizon Wireless #VZWBuzz team and, as such, I regular get to try out new offerings from the Verizon Wireless store, including new phones. I was using a Motorola Droid Mini for quite some time and was starting to take my favorite features for granted when the… [more]

Kyocera Hydro Elite Makes Android Accessible

If there is one overwhelming “complaint” about Android phones, it’s that they are too complicated with too many settings. For some of us, that’s a bonus, but for others, it’s just plain confusing. When I received the Kyocera Hydro Elite phone as a member of the Verizon Wireless Insider team, I was excited to tell… [more]

Capturing Life with Nokia Lumia’s Cinemagraph Feature

Capturing Life with Nokia Lumia’s Cinemagraph Feature

When I first received the Nokia Lumia 928 phone [*I am part of the Verizon Wireless Insider Team – full disclosure below],  one feature that stood out as being unique was the Cinemagraph. A Cinemagraph is a static image with moving portions that repeat in a loop. This waterfall is an example, saved as an… [more]