BlogHer09 – On the Road

As you probably know, I’m heading to BlogHer this week. I’m planning on liveblogging at least some of the trip. Depends how busy I am!

This morning I’m on the road. I was up til 2am packing and wrapping things up, and then had to get up just before 7am. Luckily, I just needed to take a shower and get dressed. The car (thanks,!) was waiting for me when I got out of the shower, so I quickly got dressed to head out. I was pretty sad that the kids chose today to sleep in, so they weren’t awake to say good-bye.

My car diver was very nice (Hi, Bill Marsh!) and I told him I’d say something nice about him on my blog. We had a good chat about kids, families and Internet safety.

I arrived at the airport with plenty of time to spare, but thankfully there is WiFi to keep me occupied. Now I have a few minutes to comment on some of the characters I’ve already encountered.

1. Thanks to the woman at the check-in counter who took a moment to help me out with the new baggage kiosks. They’re different than the ones I’m used to and I was having trouble getting it together on so little sleep. I was hoping she was heading to BlogHer (she looked like a blogger to me!), but she was on her way to Milwaukee.

2. A slap in the back of the head to the family in front of me in the security line. They had a fairly large carry-on bag and the security team pulled it out to inspect. The inspector said, “Do you have anything sharp or dangerous in here that you want to tell me about?” The woman replied that they had plates and some silver candlesticks. Now, obviously if the security guy is asking you, they’ve seen something. Dig a little deeper. After he dug through the bag for awhile, she remembered that she had packed a set of dessert forks and knives. Really? Sure, you may forget your pocketknife or random other item that you carry everywhere, but an entire set of cutlery? I’m not sure what they did there… presumably they worked it all out because I see them in the waiting area with me.

3. To all of the many people having extremely personal conversations on their cell phones: either lower your voice or wait until you have privacy. Geez.

4. And lastly, to the woman who sat down next to me as I’m clearly wrting on my laptop and took a moment to say, “Hi.” I appreciate your friendliness, but ┬áDON’T appreciate you immediately hopping on your phone for a loud conversation. You don’t have to sit nearly on top of someone if you’re going to get on the phone.

Looking forward to getting to Chicago already, but pretty freaked out by the relatively small plane I’m taking. They switched planes after I booked my flight and stuck me in the way back of a plane with just three seats across. It’s very likely I’m going to develop motion-sickness. Blah.

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