Boston Parent Bloggers Welcome the PS Vita

psvitaToday marked the official US launch of the new PlayStation Vita handheld gaming system. There has been plenty of buzz about the new system which boasts a 5-inch multi-touch screen, a rear touch screen, dual analog sticks, the Sixaxis motion system, wireless (with an AT&T 3G option version), front and rear cameras, and built-in GPS. At 7.2 inches wide, it’s not a tiny device, but it packs quite a punch.

Early this week, we gathered Boston Parent Bloggers and their families for a preview event at the Cambridge Vita Hill Social Lounge. This pop-up store offered gamers the chance try out the new device for free in the weeks leading up to the launch. It was fun to see kids and parents alike take to the device in between snacks and time to chat.

The best part may have been when we selected the winner of a new PS Vita! Cathy of was our  winner, but you can see from this picture who the REAL winner was. I’m so disappointed that I missed his initial reaction. It was an extra-sweet win for Cathy who drove 4+ hours each way to be at the event. The great folks at the Vita Hill Social Lounge also gave us lots of other swag to give away. There were quite a few winners that day.

PS Vita 026

The PS Vita is now available. It’s $249.99 for the WiFi model and $299.99 for the WiFi with 3G.

For more great coverage please visit 3 Garnets and 2 Sapphires (who provided the picture of our yummy food) and Ben Spark

Disclosure: Space and refreshments were provided by PlayStation.

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  2. Thank you for coming in that day! I hope everyone had a good experience despite the confusion! The children were so sweet and the cookies were delicious!

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