Choosing Great Apps and E-books for Learning to Read

P1180849Apps and e-books are great ways to help kids learn to ready independently. They can help build confidence, as well as learn new vocabulary. Here are some quick tips for picking quality apps and e-books:

1. The text has correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

2. The audio is clearly enunciated and matches the written text word for word. Kids may also have trouble with foreign accents as they are trying to pair the written word with the narration.

3. The option to turn off the narration is great for kids who are developing confidence in reading on their own.

4. Quality illustrations can help kids understand the story, especially if kids don’t recognize all of the words.

5. Look for a dictionary or glossary within the app that kids can use for words they don’t understand.

6. Choose a combination of stories for kids. Some should be easy enough for them to read comfortably without help. Some should offer more of a challenge with new words that kids have to figure out.

7. Focus on the reading. Yes, it’s fun to have games and interactive components, but make sure they don’t detract from the reading portion.

8. Fun! Pick stories and apps that will appeal to your kids. Learning to read should be as fun as possible to help encourage a lifelong habit.

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