Cold Weather? Monkey Bread, Please

On rare occasions, Big Guy and I treat the whole family to a dinner of Monkey Bread. We haven’t done it in ages…. almost a year, and it seemed to be about time. After all, what else do you do when temperatures drop below zero and icicles and snow dominate the landscape? So… tonight’s dinner:

Yummy Monkey Bread
and some beautiful Cara Cara oranges

There are a million recipes out there for Monkey Bread, but I am particular. I like to use four biscuit canisters (more bread, plus it’s packaged that way) and brown sugar for the glaze (so much tastier than the white sugar). We snagged the recipe on Moms Who Think, minus the frosting. I mean, I like sugar as much as the next person, but this recipe hardly needs MORE sugar! The Cara Cara oranges were a special treat from a trip to Whole Foods. It was our first time buying them, but hopefully not our last! In case you can’t tell, they’re a beautiful pink color inside, almost like a grapefruit.

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