Dress Up Your iPhone for Halloween… or Just for Kicks

I have priorities. Before I sat down to share these ridiculously cute Case-Mate iPhone 4 cases with you, I made sure to let my sister-in-law know about them. She’s mad about penguins. This little guy’s name is Waddler and apparently he’s a ladies’ man. He’s a little bit confused about his identity, though, because he also comes in blue and brown!


And then I thought about how thrilled my kids would be with this clown fish case assuming, you know, that they had iPhones, which they don’t. Her name is Gil and I love her cute little fish lips.


Now, if I had an iPhone which, again, I do not, I would go with Monsta. He’s a little bit strange and a little bit cute all rolled into one. If you prefer more scare to your case, he also comes in a white body with a blood red head. Charming, right? Plus, he’s got those little dots making the case less slippery. It was a toss up between Tut and Monsta to be honest. Obviously, I’m a bit twisted in my preferences.


And that leaves you with Hoot or Frank. Hoot has has a darling little tag with his name on it. And Frank is irresistible with just one sharp little tooth.


Oh, who am I kidding? You can buy any one you’d like from Case-Mate. They’re silicone cases and they retail for $24.99. They’re made for the iPhone 4… if you don’t have one yet, this could be an excuse to upgrade.

All of the images above are courtesy of Case-Mate. This is not a review, and is a non-sponsored post.

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