I’m a Panera Sandwich Showdown Finalist!

smokey-sweetI’m a bit picky when it comes to sandwiches. I’m finicky about the bread, and I don’t really like your standard sandwich condiments. So when I learned about the Panera Sandwich Showdown, I thought it would be fun to play around and come up with a sandwich that I’d like.

The Sandwich Showdown invites Panera fans from across the country to create their own sandwiches using a wide range of ingredients. I was actually inspired to include apple slices, which never would have crossed my mind.

So… my sandwich starts with an Asiago cheese bread. Add smoked chicken and smoked applewood bacon. Sprinkle with an Asiago and Parmesan cheese blend and some black pepper . Grill it. Top it off with Fuji apple slices, romaine lettuce and a drizzle of Fuji apple vinaigrette. I think the sweet and smoky flavors will be a great complement to each other.

A great sandwich deserves a great name, but I appear to have been brain dead wen I named mine Smokey-Sweet Picnic Delight. I don’t know, but despite the name, it was selected out of 35,000 entries and placed in the top 20. Crazy. That’s a picture of the Smokey-Sweet above. Looks delicious, right?

If you have a moment, I’d love a vote for my plucky little sandwich. It’s easy to do and you can do it once a day through November 11. The winner takes home $10,000, the chance to have your sandwich featured on the menu, and plenty of yumminess from Panera.

Disclosure: This post is in support of a contest hosted by Panera. Other than the chance to win, there is no additional compensation. Picture provided by Panera.

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