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MHSF_logo_tagThe mission of The Massachusetts Hospital School (MHS) is to provide medical, habilitative, rehabilitative, recreational, educational and vocational services to children and young adults with multiple disabilities, assisting them to achieve their maximum level of independence in all aspects of life.

IMG_2303Both of my children were born with some challenges. We’ve dealt with motor delays, hearing loss, food allergies, and an assortment of other issues. We’ve worked with an allergist, dermatologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, developmental specialist, speech therapist, psychologist, opthamologist, audiologist, orthopedist and urologist. I expect that Bug may need additional services once he starts school. But even with all of that, my kids are able to attend school. Even with the most generous accommodations, there are many children who simply can’t attend a standard school, frequently because they are in need of regular medical care in addition to an education.

The Massachusetts Hospital School provides services for kids who have conditions like cerebral palsy, spina bifida muscular dystrophy, and traumatic brain injury. They have day and residential programs that not only provide an education, but allow their students to enjoy many the same activities their peers experience in public school. There are competitive sports teams, clubs, and even a prom.

MHS didn’t provide a wish list, but they did mention on their site that they were collecting prom dresses and accessories for girls wanting to attend prom. If you do have a prom dress in good condition that’s still reasonably trendy, please consider donating it to a charitable organization.

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