Never Put Purple Stucco on Your Bedroom Walls

I have only lived by myself once. It was about a 6-month stretch when I needed to get out of a crazy apartment situation and Big Guy wasn’t quite ready to commit. It’s pretty ironic since I’m such an introvert, but financially it always made sense to share. I loved that apartment, but it had one feature I could have done without. The bedroom walls were covered in a bright purple stucco. And not a tame stucco, but what it would look like if you stucco’ed stucco, which I don’t recommend. I decided to repaint everything sage green and it took about a hundred coats of paint to even start to cover the purple. Even then, every time you shifted just a little bit, you could see purple peeking through the green. It was infuriating. Big Guy insists that that was when he started hating painting.


Now I’m in the middle of my big office reno. I tore up the carpet and padding and removed all of the staples from the floor. I’m painting all of the woodwork and baseboard heaters white. I made it halfway through before going a bit insane. You can see how much woodwork there is… two large bay windows with window seats, french doors, and another large double casement window. I finally called in reinforcements by way of my in-laws to help with that. We got a lot done, but the rest is on hold for a few days.

Then I painted the walls. And painted the walls. And painted the walls. I didn’t prime them first because I am painting them blue. I’m using a Valspar primer/paint combo and assumed that I’d have no problem with coverage. Two coats later, I’m still touching up gaps in the paint. And it all depends on the lighting. I feel like I’m right back at that old apartment. Just when I think I’m done, I see a spot that needs retouching.  But sometimes you just need to leave well enough alone, for now. Next step… new floor!


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