Portable Induction for the Home

CES 2012 093

You can’t make it through a day at CES without multiple people asking you about the coolest/most innovative thing you’ve seen. With so many amazing products to choose from, I always find my mind going blank when that question arises. But now that I’ve had time to digest everything, this one takes the title for the coolest product that you may not be able to buy any time soon. It’s a portable induction cooktop from Samsung.


As you can see from the picture, these portable induction cooktops are small, glossy, and fashionable. If you aren’t familiar with induction cooking, in simplest terms, it uses a magnetic field to heat your magnetic cookware directly. The cooktop itself doesn’t get hot, except where heat is transferred back from the cookware itself. I saw a wonderful demo with half a pot of water on a burner. The other side of the burner had a bowl of ice. The ice barely melted while the pot of water came to a boil! This is ideal for portable cooking surfaces because they won’t get hot, removing the risk of burning yourself or setting fire to your house. Remember those old electric burners?

I wasn’t the only one to fall for these deliciously colorful cooktops. We came up with all sorts of uses… camping trips (plug them into your car), holiday buffets, dorms, and so on. Where would you use a portable induction cooktop? Right now they’re only being released in Korea and Europe and the retail price wasn’t available. A quick search shows that portable induction cooktops are available in the U.S., but they don’t have the pizazz of this Samsung version. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see on this one.

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