Data Protection Resolution – Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro Review

This month, I thought I’d help you make some tech-friendly New Year’s Resolutions. They have nothing to do with calories, and everything to do with being tech smart and responsible. The first resolution is to find a proper data protection solution.

Touro_Mobile_Pro-rt_aboveI’m going to admit to something. I haven’t been backing up my hard drive. It’s pretty stupid, really, since almost all of our family photos reside on my machine, plus all of my work documents. Even though I’d tell you without hesitation that YOU should have a back-up plan, I just haven’t followed through. The truth is that, like most of us, I’m busy. I don’t want one more thing to worry about and I don’t want my machine bogged down.

Hitachi approached me a few weeks ago to try out their Touro Mobile Pro portable drive and I didn’t hesitate. If I’m going to preach to you to back up your data, I should be backing up mine, too. When the Touro Mobile Pro arrived, I plugged it into my laptop with the included USB cable. I ran the setup software. The software controls which folders are backed up, how often the backup occurs, at what time, and how many copies are kept. I changed the settings a bit since I don’t need to backup my entire user folder (I don’t need saved games, random software, etc.) and then the Touro went to work. It took quite some time for the initial backup and so I just left it humming away (not literally humming – it’s virtually silent, of course).

I left the Touro plugged into my machine and set the backup for 4:30 in the afternoon, figuring that my laptop would be on, but I wouldn’t be doing any major work at that time. Several days later I started to get concerned. Nothing seemed to be happening. And, yet, when I pulled the software up on my screen it told me that it had been backing up daily, just as scheduled. And there were the files on my Touro. For less than 15 minutes of my time TOTAL, I have set up a comprehensive backup system that keeps multiple versions of changed files. It’s that easy.

The Touro Mobile Pro comes with another great option. It gives you 3GB of cloud storage (i.e. file space online) to use as well. You can put your important documents in case of a fire, or your music so you can access it while on vacation. You can share your pictures with friends and family. If the 3GB isn’t enough space, you can upgrade your account to receive 250GB of storage for $49/year.


  • Comes in shiny “piano black”
  • Reads/writes with USB 3.0 (compatible with USB 2.0) and 7200 RPMs
  • Works with PC/Mac (will need to be reformatted to work with Mac)
  • Includes 3GB cloud backup, upgradeable to 250GB
  • Comes in 500 & 750 GB sizes
  • MSRP: $109.99-$129.99
  • Quick and easy to set up
  • Comes with everything you need
  • Requires no additional effort to maintain
  • Small and portable
  • Software may be overly simple for advanced users
  • Shiny black case is a fingerprint magnet
  • Max capacity of 750 GB may be too limiting for those with a lot of multi-media files
I honestly have nothing bad to say about the Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro for personal use. If you’re busy, but want to protect your data, it just doesn’t get any easier. Power users may be looking for more features, options, and/or storage, but most families will find it more than suitable for their needs.

And I’ve got a surprise to help you with your first tech New Year’s Resolution… I’m giving away a Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro! This is going to make your data protection resolution an easy one to complete! Please use the Rafflecopter widget below. Don’t see it? Reload the page, or drop me an email.

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Disclosure: We received a Hitachi Touro Mobile Pro for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are my own. This giveaway is sponsored by Hitachi, but the winner is selected by me. Image courtesy of Hitachi.

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  1. I would miss all the pictures and videos of my kids. I actually had my computer crash a couple of years ago and I lost 8 monnths of pictures. I seriously cried over it.

  2. If I had a hard drive crash they would have to put me in the hospital because my life is on there. I have files dating back to the late 90s!

  3. I’ve lost my hard drive before, and I’ve missed archived emails the most. Now I have a lot of photos, too, and would be sad to lose them.

  4. i lost all my childs movies i was working on to make dvds and all the pictures, the drive actually melted in the external box

  5. Like many others, I’d miss my family photos the most if I didn’t back them up – especially photos from holidays and vacations, which I often look at to relive those happy memories.

  6. I’d miss my music the most. Most of my other files like my videos and pictures are stored on another computer already so those are safe.

  7. If my hard drive crashed, what I would miss the most are my family photos. I also have a huge family history that has taken me years to compile that would be sorely missed.

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