Foodler Restaurant Delivery Service Revisited

Last April, I reviewed Foodler, an online restaurant ordering and delivery service. I’m still using it on my own, so I was happy to agree to a second review.

You may be wondering why I use an online service rather than simply calling the restaurant directly. The biggest reason is quality control. Rather than shouting my order to someone who is in the midst of a loud and bustling restaurant, I can write it all down. I know they’ve gotten my full order, including any special requests I may have. Foodler also retains a list of your previous orders, so it’s easy to remember your favorite dishes. You can add ratings if you wish, which is handy for those places with complicated menus. When you try something new, add a rating and you’ll remember next time if the dish was a hit or a miss.

I have had some additional incentive to order with Foodler. The first few times I placed an order, I got a “rebate” from my restaurant in FoodlerBucks. I can use those Foodler Bucks to take money off future orders. It’s fun to get a discount just for ordering the food you love. And, as I mentioned in my last review, I’m also earning FrequentFoodler Points for every order. I’m very close to earning a t-shirt, but I’ll probably keep saving for FoodlerBucks. I mean, why not? It’s going to take me quite a while to save up those points, but if I’m already going to be ordering the food, I might as well use Foodler to do it and get a little something extra.

Since my last post, Foodler added the Chinese food restaurant that I always order from. It tells me that I’m not in their delivery area, which I clearly am, but I’m not sure where the fault lies on that one. I haven’t had the time to figure out if there’s a way to adjust incorrect listings of that sort. Still, it’s good to see the service growing.

Disclosure: I received an allowance of FoodlerBucks to try the service through my relationship with Boston Parent Bloggers. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are my own.

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