Happy 5th Birthday, LadyBug!

Ipswich-River 024

This little girl is full of personality, can’t you tell? Look at the sparkle in her eyes! She’s funny, and can be incredibly generous and sweet. And although I think she struggles sometimes to keep it all together, she can be sheer delight.

When she joined us 5 years ago, it was on her own terms. She has continued to assert her individuality ever since. I don’t know what the year ahead holds for our little LadyBug, but I hope she comes into herself a bit more, overcomes her shyness, and learns to accept help and comfort when offered. I worry about her transition to Kindergarten when it took her oh-so-long to be comfortable in pre-school, but I think she’ll be OK in the end.

Here’s to another year of watching my little girl grow and learn. Happy 5th Birthday, LadyBug! We love you!

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