Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic Picnic Rocks Boston

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending a gorgeous Memorial Day with family, friends, fellow Boston mom bloggers and free hot dogs. The Boston Hebrew National Better-Than-A-Picnic picnic involved music (included some live entertainment from WROR), a mechanical bull, games and quite a bit of fun. Hebrew National provide the hot dogs, beverages and fruit, as well as some of the activities. I teamed up with local bloggers, Christine, Audrey and Jodi to coordinate some service fantastic projects for the day:

We also had tons of help from Emily (The Motherhood) and local blogger Kristen. Some other local blogger friends stopped by as well! It was nice to see Sandi, Angela and Paige, along with their families. And, of course, I can’t forget our fabulous husbands, family and friends who came out and took care of our kids while we worked, and just generally made the day all that much more fun.

The day was beautiful. High 70s, low humidity. We had great music playing and the chance to do crafts for a good cause with some fabulously talented kids. We collected plenty of donations for some very worthwhile charities and there will be quite a few soldiers/veterans who will be pleased with their thank you notes and cards.

With two little ones, a job (or two or three) that never ends and a house that looks like a perpetual train wreck, I don’t have as much time as I’d like to stay involved with charitable activities.  It was such a treat to be able to give back while having so much fun. Thanks to Hebrew National and The Motherhood for including me in Boston’s Better-Than-A-Picnic picnic!

Disclosure: I was compensated by Hebrew National and The Motherhood to help plan/coordinate the Boston Better-Than-A-Picnic picnic. The views expressed in this post are mine.

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  1. I had so much fun yesterday and I’m glad we got to connect again. Thanks for mentioning me in your great post and for letting me help teach the children how to make the crafts for the Women’s Lunching Place. We accomplished a lot and I had a great time! Can’t wait for Hebrew National Hot Dog Day next year. Hopefully we can get together before then though! :)

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