Mega Bloks Dora’s Bath Time Fun Review


The arrival of Dora’s Bath Time Fun from Mega Bloks caused quite the flurry of excitement in my house. It also caused some hard feelings. Despite the fact that many of the blocks in this set are very, very pink, Bug was pretty annoyed that I gave it to Lady Bug to assemble. Apparently his avoidance of all things pink only applies to his sister’s bedroom, all plates and cups, and anything else I’d prefer he not care about.

When we agreed to review this particular product, I wasn’t quite sure what we’d get. Often, these small building block sets that are designed for young kids have too few (or too specific) pieces to be much fun after it’s assembled. That’s not the case with this set. There are 23 pieces, mostly in shades of pink and blue. You aren’t going to be able to build unlimited structures with this set, but this are enough pieces that you can switch the configuration around.

Once you’ve got your bath area looking just the way you’d like, this turns into a play set. Dora has two outfits she can wear and there are some accessories she can hold in her hands, like a brush, flower and hair dryer. There’s also a cute little duck that Lady Bug made off with (which is why he isn’t in the picture). Dora can hang her clothes on little hangers, and there’s even a working mirror.

This set is part of a whole series of Dora adventure sets that stretch the bounds of what we normally expect in “girl” activities. While Dora has a family nursery, she’s also got camping and pirate sets. In fact, Dora’s Pirate Adventure just landed itself on Lady Bug’s birthday wish list and I’m planning on picking up her camping Mega Bloks for my niece. Dora’s Bath Time Fun retails for $15.99, which I think is the perfect price point. It’s just right for friend birthday gifts and provides plenty of play value.

I really like this little set. If I had to come up with one complaint, it’s that none of the sets, including the larger ones, seem to come with a playmate for Dora. If you invest in a few sets from this series, you’ll end up with lots of little Dora’s playing with each other. Not the end of the world, but it would be nice to have a few other friends. Then again, there are other Mega Bloks sets in the same approximate scale, so you can always invite Diego and Kai-Lan over to play.

Disclosure: We received one of these sets for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions in this post are my own.

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