HEXBUG Nano Zip Line Review (Video)

The HEXBUG Nano Zip Line Starter Set has been sought-after for quite some time. I got my first peek at Time to Play last fall, but you couldn’t buy it anywhere. Now this gem is available on the HEXBUG website. It retails for $24.99.

I did a video review of the HEXBUG Zip Line so you can see it in action. My pros and cons are below the video.


  • Has all of the pieces you need for an entire enclosed set
  • Includes extra zip line attachments
  • Flexible enough to work with all different existing multi-level sets
  • It’s just plain cool
  • The zip line itself can be placed anywhere in your multi-level set [I didn’t show it in the video, but that orange disk that retracts the zip line detaches from the track. You can move it into any of the slots where you’d normally place a black riser.]


  • The spiral ramp is finicky

The HEXBUG Nano Zip Line is one of the most unique pieces available for the Nano track. Despite some small issues with the ramp, it’s versatile, creative, and a great addition to any HEXBUG Nano collection.

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