International Women’s Day–Building Each Other Up

BlogHer11 191Today is International Women’s Day. As you may know, women’s rights and gender equity are extremely important to me. I am horrified on a daily basis by the message that is sent to women and girls that we aren’t smart enough, strong enough, or worthy. And not only do we get this message from men, but we send this message to each other. We fight amongst ourselves, tear each other down, and perpetuate the negativity. I personally have experienced bullying behavior from others because I’m smart, confident, and successful. We celebrate these qualities in men, but attack them in women.

I want to put a call out today to stop the cycle. To my female friends and cohorts, enough is enough. We have the power to be positive. Let’s stop attacking ourselves and each other and start being champions for female empowerment. It’s one thing to support an organization for kids, or a women’s group around the world, but it really needs to start at home. End the jealous attacks, the snide remarks, the judging looks and comments, the scheming, the backstabbing, and the nasty gossip. And work on stopping the internal negativity… you are good enough, smart enough, and worthy of wonderful things. We ALL are.

So, thank you to the strong women in my life who have shown me how to celebrate being a woman. And thanks to those who have stood by my side even when it was difficult. Thanks to those who have risen above their own internal issues (jealousy, anxiety, etc.) to be supportive and caring. And a special thank you to those who see past my personal imperfections (we’ve all got them) to see the person I strive to be. That takes generosity of spirit. If more of us had that, the world would be a much richer and happier place for everyone.

Happy International Women’s Day! Take a moment to give support to a woman in your life today, whether through kind words or kind actions.

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