Quirky Fusion Gets a Makeover

When Quirky Fusion started, I was winging it a bit. You may have noticed that I never had a logo and the previous background was one I had snagged from some sort of free image site. It was never quite what I was looking for, but it worked, so I left it alone. It was an experiment and I just never got around to making it permanent.

Quirky Fusion recently turned two and, like Lady Bug’s room, it was time for some redecoration. Quirky Fusion was ready to graduate to a big-girl blog. I hired (or rather, begged, pleaded, and bartered) my my talented friend Carrie Edwards to design a new logo. And I went with a new color scheme and theme. It’s mean to coordinate with it’s big sister, MorethanMommy.

Much like the never-ending prepping, painting, furniture moving, furniture purchase and other decorating needs for Lady Bug’s room, the process of transferring Quirky Fusion to her new digs is going to take some time. Please be patient as I recategorize old posts, play around with the layout and get everything looking “just-so.”

I hope you like the new look!

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