Science or Science Fiction? MIT Scientist Captures Son’s First 5 Years on Video

Scientist Deb Roy and his wife installed 11 video cameras throughout their home and captured their son’s first five years of life. The goal? To learn more about language acquisition.

MIT Scientist Captures Son’s First 90,000 Hours and First Words on Video, Graphs It | Fast Company.

This is fascinating, but it’s also somewhat disturbing. The cameras were hidden, so their child wouldn’t have known he was being recorded. Still, how will he feel when he finds out? What would you do if you found out that your every moment as a child was caught on film to be processed be a team of grad students and computers? And at what point do our children have rights apart from our own dreams and goals?

Here’s an earlier article on the research and what Roy is trying to accomplish:

The Power of Babble

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