A Sneak Peek at the 77kids Store


I had the pleasure of working with the 77kids brand last summer as part of Do Good Day. Bloggers around the country took part in local service projects to give back to their community. We were also asked to commit small acts of kindness on our own which was a lot of fun. I paid for coffees, left dollar bills with little notes and added some quarters to parking meters. It was a wonderful introduction to the brand, which has a corporate responsibility policy that makes me even happier to work with them.

77kids recently opened their first retail locations and I was invited to visit their Burlington, MA location before it even opened. I packed up the kids and met up with fellow Boston mom blogger, Kim from Mommycosm for a fun tour and yummy breakfast. And, although it’s slightly off-topic, I have to send a special thank you to the store manager, who provided a totally nut-free breakfast so my Bug could eat without worry. It echoed the 77kids commitment to safety as evidenced by the shelves that lock into place and the sturdy clothing racks on the floor.

127-600If you’re unfamiliar with the 77kids clothing line, it’s an offshoot of American Eagle, and the clothes are like mini, age-appropriate versions of the parent brand. With soft cottons, and trendy styling, these will be very popular with your little rock stars. We had received T’s for each of the kids for Do Good Day and they love how comfortable they are. I’m eyeing that adorable dress in the picture on the right for Lady Bug… I’ll be heading back for a shopping trip in the near future!

117-600The 77kids store is full of kid-friendly features, including some photo booths, themed dressing areas, and large bathrooms with changing tables and stools for shorter family members. There are lighted designs shining down on the floors (see the skull above) that my kids loved to chase, a beanbag toss, Etch-a-Sketch and a candy bar for well-behaved shoppers. My kids didn’t want to leave. Knowing how hard it can be to shop with little ones, this is the sort of attention to detail that I appreciate.

I took far more pictures of the store than I can work into my post, so I put together a slideshow. I know you want the whole experience!

Disclosure: We received a gift card as a thank you from the store. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the tour. A place for Grammy’s to take the kids too! Great concept and I especially love the safety features.

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