Spot it! Game Review

spot-itI’m always on the lookout for good family games that allow people of different ages to play with a level playing field. It’s a bonus for me if they are portable and thought-provoking. The first time I saw Spot it! was at the Marbles: The Brain Store grand opening and I thought it was pretty cool. When I got the chance to review it more in-depth, I jumped on it. It’s a great combination of innovation, flexibility, and age/skill leveling.

Spot it! is a set of round durable cards with eight illustrations on them. The pictures are primarily everyday objects like a baby bottle, cheese, ladybug, and dinosaur. Each card has exactly one illustration in common with every other card. Honestly, that boggles my mind, but if you want to do the math behind that, you’ll be practicing combinatorics. We will leave that for another day and just talk some more about the game, which has been a hit in our house.

Spot it! from Blue Orange games comes in a small, round storage tin and includes 55 cards and instructions for a few variations of the game. The basic premise is to find the one image that is the same between two cards. It sounds easy, but I assure you that there are times you’ll be insisting that there is no match. You can try out a demo of Spot it! on their site. Let me know how you do!

I mentioned earlier that I like games that are fun for playing with people of a range of ages and Spot it! is just right for that. I was able to play with six-year-old Bug and had a lot of fun. Later we added four year-old LadyBug. She had a slightly more difficult time finding images and in some cases, knowing what they were called. She did well, but not well enough to make it a challenge to play against her. I created a variation of one of the game variations and she and Bug raced against the clock. I could see doing an ultra-difficult memory game with the cards, too. There are a lot of options.

Spot it! retails for $13.99, although it is available for less. I also noticed that they have other versions of the game, including an NHL deck (hey, Big Guy) and a Junior version that only has six images per card.

Blue Orange games produces an array of games from quality materials. They have a strong commitment to creating eco friendly products and lessening their environmental impact.

Disclosure: We received a copy of Spot it! for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions in this post are my own.

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