The Start of Birthday Month


My family has used Shutterfly for years. We made photo books from our wedding for our parents, and occasionally do keepsake books of the kids. My sister-in-law chose Shutterfly for her save the date cards, and we even use it to share photos with the grandparents so they can order copies. But when they asked about my spring celebration, I knew immediately what it was. My 40th birthday, of course!

If you ask my husband, he’ll probably tell you that I told him last year on my 39th birthday (or thereabouts) that I wanted a surprise part for my 40th birthday. Or maybe he won’t because he’s got an awful memory. Anyway, that’s what I asked for. Now, most of you don’t know Big Guy, but for those who do you’re probably laughing hysterically. I mean, my husband isn’t really know for his ability to pull together the perfect soiree. And to be stealth enough to figure out who to invite and how to get me there? No happening. Plus, I’m a control freak, and would have spent the entire year wondering about the party and how planning is going. [And for the record, Mom, since I know you’re thinking it as you read this, I do not actively try to figure out surprises. My brain is just good at making connections between seemingly unrelated information. It’s a gift and a curse. After all, did *I* ever snoop for Christmas presents as a child? No, I did not.]

Somewhere along the line, probably long after he had put the whole idea out of his head, I had a realization. I had set myself up for disappointment. A surprise party planned by the husband who has no idea how to plan a party (never mind pull off the surprise aspect) for a wife who is nearly impossible to surprise? And so I told Big Guy that he was off the hook. Just a simple party would do. From the look he gave me, I’m still convinced that he had forgotten entirely, and it was clear that “simple party” was an oxymoron to him. Suffice to say that I wasn’t entirely convince it was going to happen at all.

My birthday was yesterday, but the non-surprise party is next week. My husband had a little (ahem) help from my mom and sister, and the venue is still a secret. They’ve invited some of my very favorite-ist people and it’s going to be a lot of fun (I assume, since I don’t know where we’re going!). Looks like I get to celebrate birthday MONTH this year!

Party food!



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