A Fabulous 40th Birthday Week Indeed

I’ve been so busy that I never posted about my birthday! It started the weekend before with a delicious red velvet cake from BJs. Now, given that I have a bakery nearby that I adore, you may be wondering why I would buy a store-bought cake. Well, there are two reasons. First, I knew that I was already getting a Cakes for Occasions cake for my upcoming birthday party tonight. On a side note, for some reason my husband used an invitation that said it was a surprise, even though it isn’t (I don’t have details, but I know it’s on Saturday – unless it’s the BIGGEST, CRAZIEST surprise ever, which I doubt). So everyone is skulking around, pretending they don’t know I’m having a party and that they won’t see me. It’s kind of funny. Anyway, second, have you TRIED their red velvet cake? Because, really, it’s delicious!


The kids were excited to celebrate. Well, Bug was. Lady Bug was in a crabby mood.


The night before my actual birthday, Big Guy brought me my favorite Indian food, a new Jack Johnson CD, and a fun singing card that sings “Happy Together” (one of my favorite songs). Bonus points for him!

I flew out first thing on my birthday (left the house at 4:15am) to head to New Orleans for the Mom 2.0 Conference. I was a day early, but that gave me plenty of time to enjoy the city. Melanie treated me to a delicious lunch. Here I am, tired, but happy.


We went to Mother’s Restaurant with Miss Britt, HerBadMother, and Zchamu. There was a bit of a wait, which gave me plenty of time to waiver between jambalaya and gumbo. Jambalaya? Gumbo? Jambalaya? Gumbo? In the end, the summery climate pushed me away from the stew-like gumbo to the delicious jambalaya. I got it with red beans and rice (and, yes, that’s sausage IN the red beans and rice) and french fries. Sadly, the meal doesn’t look quite as yummy in photographic form, but you can just trust me that it was.


When Big Guy lamented that he wasn’t quite sure what to get me as a present, I suggested that it might be nice to have something delivered to the hotel ON my birthday as a treat. Here’s what the hotel sent:


I had no idea what they were, but they didn’t really look all that appealing to me. They’re unnatural colors, and kind of hard, and at least one of them has a fruity filling. I called Big Guy to find out what he had sent and he had no idea what those were either. They were supposed to send chocolate truffles. Of course, because my husband has at least some idea of what I like! So, I called the hotel and found out that these strange little things were macaroons (they don’t look like any macaroon I’ve ever had, but whatever). I thanked them, and then kindly asked where the #@*$ were my truffles. The Ritz-Carlton in New Orleans (which will have a separate post entirely) is a class act. They immediately sent me this bowl of chocolaty-goodness:


Yummm. Anyway, I went back out later for dinner with a cadre of smart, talented, and fabulous bloggers who are too numerous to name at this point. We enjoyed our dinner on a balcony above Bourbon Street and I had my first hurricane of the trip.


After that, I wandered back to the hotel, did a little work, and then settled in for a long night sleep. It has been a fantastic birthday so far, and I’ve got a little more celebrating to do tonight. Off to start getting ready…

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