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Lenovo Y50 Gaming Laptop Review

  I have been using the Lenovo Y50 gaming laptop for the past few weeks [I am a Lenovo INsider and received the Y50 for review purposes]. While I don’t necessarily play the most hardcore of games, I do enjoy a lot of titles that tax your average laptop. A good gaming laptop requires a… [more]

Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook Overview

I have been wanting an Ultrabook for ages. As someone who travels regularly, and is somewhat nomadic in my working situation at home, having a laptop that is light, but still powerful is really useful. Unfortunately, my last laptop died before I was ready to commit to an Ultrabook, and before there was one that… [more]

Lenovo Horizon 2 Table PC Brings Families Together to Play and Share

Years ago, I spent a few hours in a hotel lobby with friends playing on an interactive table top. It could play music and games, and we enjoyed all being able to use it together. Lenovo’s Horizon 2 Table PC brings that experience into your home with some really cool features that you can enjoy… [more]