Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro Ultrabook Overview

I have been wanting an Ultrabook for ages. As someone who travels regularly, and is somewhat nomadic in my working situation at home, having a laptop that is light, but still powerful is really useful. Unfortunately, my last laptop died before I was ready to commit to an Ultrabook, and before there was one that I felt could handle my day-to-day work needs, which often includes a lot of multi-tasking, as well as image and video editing. Plus, I’m a bit of a gamer. I don’t need crazy good specs, but I need a machine with some get-up-and-go. I hadn’t quite justified the purchase (I’ve got a perfectly good laptop already) when Lenovo gave me the chance to check out the Yoga 2 Pro as part of a blogger campaign. They didn’t need to ask twice!

I’ve put together a video of some cool things about the Yoga 2 Pro. I don’t cover a lot of the specs because they’re easy enough to find, but it’s a really nice machine.

A swanky little laptop with some extra cool features…


The Yoga 2 Pro starts at $1049 and can range about to about $1599 for the highest-end specs. It comes in silver (which is what I have) and Clementine Orange, which I think is pretty snazzy and is available directly from Lenovo, as well as through all the other usual suspects.


Disclosure: I received a review unit as well as compensation as part of my involvement with the Lenovo Moms campaign through Techlicious. There was no promise of a positive review and the opinions contained in this post and video are my own.

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