Toy Story 3 & Fisher-Price Bring Back the Chatter Telephone

Photo Courtesy of Fisher-Price
Fisher-Price Chatter Phone, Photo Courtesy of Fisher-Price

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is one of those iconic toys from my childhood. Almost everyone had one and we went from dragging it along to “calling” our friends and family to chat. My mom still has one and my kids have no idea what to do with it. They have never seen a phone with a rotary dial or a handset like that. [Looking to buy a classic, non-Toy Story version of the Chatter Telephone? Amazon has the Fisher Price Classic Chatter Phone
in nostalgic packaging.]

That all may change as the Chatter Telephone holds a supporting role in Toy Story 3 and Fisher-Price releases a new version of this old friend.

The new Chatter Telephone is a specially branded Toy Story 3 version that allows you to call characters from the movie, push it along (now that we are limited to short strings, we’re getting push toys instead of pull!) and watch the eyes move up and down. Unlike previous versions of the phone, this one requires 3 AA” batteries (included) and can nag you to answer (“psst”) if you’re not paying attention. It will retail at $17.99.

The Fisher-Price Chatter Telephone is just one of the many, many Toy Story 3 branded toys arriving on the market. I’ll be sharing reviews of some of my favorites in the upcoming weeks.

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