Rosie’s Place Helps Women in Need

New Rosie's Logo 2005 v2When I was very young, my mom struggled to make ends meet. Young, single, and with a baby to care for, she was lucky enough to have support from family and friends. I was too young to remember this, but I have worked in homeless shelters and have seen first-hand many of the challenges people face when they just can’t make ends meet or are unable to work. It’s not just a matter of not having a home; homelessness impacts your ability to find/maintain a job, educate your children, fight off illness/depression, and get back on your feet. Organizations like Rosie’s Place provide a range of services to people in need.

Founded in 1974, Rosie’s Place is a well-known organization in the Boston area. They provide housing, meals, a food pantry, education, jobs, and other services to poor and homeless women. It was the first drop-in and emergency shelter for women in the United States.

The mission of Rosie’s Place is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for poor and homeless women to maintain their dignity, seek opportunity, and find security in their lives.

Rosie’s Place accepts no money from city, state or federal government sources, freeing them from the constraints that often come with those funds. There are plenty of ways you can support Rosie’s Place, including volunteering and donations. But you might also consider a purchase from the Women’s Craft Cooperative, which supports women in need by providing a way for them to earn a salary. They have beautiful jewelry, bookmarks and other gift items that can be purchased online.

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