Halloween 2011

We were without power until almost 3pm on Halloween, after the freak snowstorm that threatened to ruin Bug’s 6th birthday. And, while I don’t usually pay much attention to our electric company (largely because we rarely lose power ), I want to send a huge thank you to them and all of the employees who worked all day and night in order to get power restored. So, Kudos to RMLD for your hard work and for restoring power in time for Halloween festivities!

That said, here are my Clone Trooper and Snow Princess. Lady Bug was thrilled with her glow wand, but has requested “a gun” for her birthday. Lovely, right? And I’m not sure who designed that Clone Trooper costume, but next time could you leave room for the kids’ noses? I mean, maybe you could let a Real Child try on the costume before you start the manufacturing process.

Halloween 001

Halloween 006

We have a whole new meaning behind “checking the Halloween candy.” Remember how you had to hand it all over to be inspected for razor blades and such? We don’t really do that here, although I suppose I should check it a bit more closely. We’ve got a pretty friendly neighborhood, so I’m more trusting than I might be somewhere else. Anyway, we have to separate out all of Bug’s candy and it breaks my heart every year. It’s not the candy that’s really the issue – we always have plenty available for him to swap and he’s got more than he needs anyway – it’s just sad to me to see how many things he can’t eat. I easily pulled out half of his candy (maybe more) for nuts and possible nuts. We snag Lady Bugs nut candy, too, although she can keep the stuff that is just a possible contamination. They’re too young to take the chance that he won’t accidentally grab something from her bucket.

By the end of Halloween, we were all exhausted. Two days without power (and heat), the Halloween party, the birthday party, an impromptu slumber party at my in-law’s house (where it was warm!) was draining. We all snuggled on the couch for “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.”

Halloween 010

Big Guy didn’t even make it that long…

Halloween 015

I don’t really love the costumes, but I enjoy all the decor, music, and ambiance around Halloween. And it has special meaning, because we brought Bug home for the first time on Halloween night. It was our first Halloween in the house, but we had all of the outdoor lights off. The kids saw us in the house and started shouting, “Give us candy!” We shouted back, “We just came home with a newborn!” Luckily, we had a stash of candy on hand, but it’s still a memory that makes me smile. Here he is in his first costume just home from the hospital:


And LadyBug’s first:



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  1. Local, municipal light companies are the best. I learned in Boston Globe coverage of the most recent power company fiasco (thousands are still out this morning!) that several towns want to start new municipal power companies, and the Great State (sic) of Massachusetts is considering allowing it. Considering?! Gimme a break.

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