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LeapFrog-GiveawaySo. I’ve talked about the LeapFrog LeapBand, which encourages kids to be active. And I’ve talked about LeapFrog LeapTV, which also pairs activity with education via a console gaming system. I have not yet shared with you the LeapFrog LeapPad 3, but it is the latest iteration of LeapFrog’s handheld gaming units. It’s a bit smaller and lighter than the LeapPad Ultra, making it more friendly for smaller gamers to hold. It’s also faster and less expensive, so there’s a lot going for this device as long as you’re willing to sacrifice some screen real estate. But, other than sharing the LeapFrog colors, quality, and educational gaming experience, what do these three items have in common?

They are all part of my Mega LeapFrog Giveaway bundle! If you’ve got young kids in your life, you want to win this. It’s amazing. The winner will receive:

  • A LeapPad 3
  • 5 Cartridges for the LeapPad
  • LeapTV
  • 3 Titles for the LeapTV
  • 2 LeapBands

The whole thing is worth more than $500 and whether it goes to a classroom, or to some really lucky kids at home, someone is going to be very, very happy.

Want to win? Go back and take a look at the reviews of the LeapBand and LeapTV and tell me something you learned about one of them in a comment below. Then make sure to enter via the Rafflecopter Widget to record your entries and so that I know how to reach you. And THEN go cross your fingers and toes for good luck!

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Disclosure: We received samples for review purposes. There was no promise of a positive review and all opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Tyler doesn’t need encouraging to get excercise…he doesn’t stop! I DO think he would LOVE to see how all his energy is healthy for him! ( and me too!). Would like to win this bundle for Tyler for Christmas!

  2. I found this interesting: The LeapBand comes with set of challenges installed, but parents can add more when they connect to their LeapFrog Connect accounts. They can also connect with a special free Petathalon app on their LeapPad, iPad, or Android device.

  3. I learned that the The LeapTV system retails at $149.99 but the controllers and games for it retails at about $29.99

  4. I am impressed that the leapband makes suggestions for how the kids could move rather than just saying, “hey there get moving.” I agree that the size of the band is a bit large especially for all day wear at school. Curious, you mentioned it is intended to wear at bedtime, does it track sleep patterns similar to the fitbit?

  5. I really had no idea there was a “fitbit” like device for kids. I learned that they can earn virtual rewards for being active. My daughter would adore this. She thrives on that sort of thing. I also think the LeapTV would be good for her, as we struggle with other game consoles. She gets frustrated easily. Maybe this one is a little more basic and she might handle it better.

  6. I learned that each player on the Leap Tv can set up a profile to keep the level and content appropriate for their own learning. I love this concept!

  7. I learned that the LeapBand is like a pedometer for Kids! Which would definitely make being active fun for them. I agree with you that they don’t really need to be reminded to be active (my 3 & 5 year old have SO much energy!) but it’s great that it gives them positive feedback letting them know it’s healthy to be active and for it to hopefully be a habit when they are older!

  8. I learned that the leaptv is an educational, active video gaming system built just for kids ages 3-8 years.
    It Teaches reading, mathematics, science and problem solving skills. This sounds amazing! I have a 7,4 and almost 3 year old that would have so much fun with these toys. Thanks for the chance!

  9. I love that the product gets kids up and moving around. Having fun and getting the daily work out they need, it’s a great combo!

  10. I learned the Leaptv controller converts quickly and easily to a wand (see below) with an LED color tip that helps the camera recognize where you are pointing.

  11. I learned about the Leapband. I actually didn’t know leapfrog made such a thing. It sounds like a great and fun way to keep kids active!

  12. I learned that each player on the Leap Tv can set up a profile to keep the level and content appropriate for their own learning.

  13. I learned that the Leapband is like a Pedometer for kids. It sits like a watch and tracks all of their movement through the day. My son would absolutely love this!

  14. So awesome something for all thee of my kids. Especially the Leapband my daughter wants one so bad. I am so impressed the leap band and the LeapTV both get kids active in a fun way.

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